All my bookmarks

I collect resources. I have a lot of them and I love sharing them. One of my prouder resource collections is that of bookmarks on my browser. You can see them on this page (last updated 2022/10/25). You'll find linguistics, language, programming, TTRPG, media, art, cool stuff, recipes, medicine, and school resources.

Wikipedia editing

I will put some resources for Wikipedia editing here. The upshot is, do it! Don't keep waiting until you learn how to do things the best way. If there's a typo or unclear wording, fix it! That's the whole point of "wiki" things: everyone helping when they can. If you're going to add actual content, make sure you can cite a source to say so, though. And if you want to do that, there are simple buttons to insert references. It's intimidating, but oh-so-satisfying when you get it into it. Get started!


Pomodoro-style thing that reminds you to stretch and drink water. You can access the readme here and the actual homepage is here. The GitHub repo is located at this link.


A character generator for TTRPGs, designed with the DnD races in mind but very easily moddable to your liking. Can be accessed on GitHub here.